The Snakehunter was a failing minor sub-clan of the Gadra Clan which was, itself, part of the White Face Barghast.[1]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

Years after the White Face Barghast had arrived on the continent of Lether from Genabackis,[2][3] the Snakehunter camp consisted of only five hundred yurts and the camp as well as the scant Snakehunter herd were in bad shape and ill-kempt. The condition of the Snakehunter young warriors was also poor and these young, inexperienced warriors, addicted to alcohol and drugs, lacked the proper discipline necessary for good fighters. The women of the clan were slowly but inevitably abandoning the Snakehunter Clan for other, more successful, White Face clans.[4]

The Snakehunter camp was unexpectedly attacked by an unknown enemy and all the clan members were killed[5] or died later of their wounds.[6]

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