Sorponce Egol was a well-known actor in Farrog who was famous for possessing a "Perfect Profile". He was the particular favorite of the Cook at the Royal Palace.[1]

In The Fiends of NightmariaEdit

Sorponce Egol had been caught up in the culling of selected creative/artistic types in Farrog - as ordered by the new King, Bauchelain the First - so as to prevent possible subversive behavior by the populace.[2]

As directed by King Bauchelain, the actor was among those who were tortured to death by Binfun, the Royal Torturer. Binfun had made it a point to destroy Sorponce's profile - as a result, it was this attack on the actor's vanity that proved to be the ultimate cause of his death. Unfortunately, Binfun depended on the Cook of the Royal Palace of Farrog for his meals - which vindictively became all but inedible after Cook became aware of Binfun's role in the grisly fate of her favorite.[3]

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