The Southern Crescent Inn was located in Malaz City across the street from Mossy Tors Park.[1] The main tavern room was made up of tables and booths. A window looked out onto the street.

In the back of the tavern room was a short set of stairs leading to a lower room. From there a servant's stair led to a dry-goods larder and bolted back door.[2]

In Night of KnivesEdit

Ash and his force of Bridgeburner veterans and street toughs used the Inn as a base of operations for a short time during the night of the Shadow Moon in 1154BS. Its proximity to the Shadow cult-controlled park made it an ideal location to bring cult prisoners for interrogation. Soon a magical symbol of shadow and phosphorescence appeared on the door summoning them to Mock's Hold. But before they could depart a Hound of Shadow broke inside and started killing the squad. Only a suicidal attack with a Moranth munition drove off the beast.[3]

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