The Spar of Andii was a legendary place of the Tiste Andii and existed amidst the swirling winds of the Warren of Chaos.

It was described as "a gnarled thing of black stabbing upward like a giant finger, seeming to cast a penumbra of white mist from its ragged tip."[1] The apex was also described as jagged. The bottom of the Spar disappeared into yellow clouds, while the rock itself had a number of glowing red cracks on its face.[2]

According to Hairlock, at the foot of the Warren of Chaos, power found its first shape and all was possible. It is unclear if the foot of the Warren was synonymous with the foot of the Spar of Andii. At the half-way point of the Warren, the apex of the Spar was about a dozen feet in front of the observer.[3]

In Gardens of the Moon Edit

Quick Ben tracked Hairlock to the Spar to discover what the mad puppet had learned during his spying for the Bridgeburners. Their meeting point was halfway - from the context, presumably of the Warren. When Hairlock spoke of having been to the very foot of the Warren, Quick Ben asked Hairlock how it felt to be standing there and not being able to use the power because of it being too alien. Quick Ben noted that he had been to the Spar before and warned the puppet that the few creatures who inhabited this realm did not like intruders.[3]

In The Crippled GodEdit

Quick Ben again visited the Spar of Andii where he recovered two items - one the Sceptre of Night, the other unknown - from a crevasse near the mouth of a tunnel close to the base of the Spar.[1] Whilst there, he spoke cryptically, addressing Mother Dark, and was likely overheard by Shadowthrone.[1]

In Forge of Darkness Edit

It was said that Mother Dark was originally a royal Tiste who rose to the title of Mother Dark, partially through her consort Draconus. It was said she "walked to the End of Darkness, and stood on a spar surrounded in chaos"[4] and that she had leapt from the Spar of Andii straight into Chaos, to emerge as Mother Dark.[5] She was set upon this path by Draconus.[6]

The Jaghut Karish, wife to Hood, was murdered on the Spar by Errastas and Sechul Lath so that they could create the Terondai[5]. Her body was found there by Haut and Korya Delath.

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