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'Siballe the Unfound to A‘rath Strait
B'ehn Aralack to Blood and Bone/Chapter 4
Blood and Bone/Chapter 5 to Charms of Anise Street
Chase to Dancer's Lament/Chapter 6
Dancer's Lament/Chapter 7 to East Fool‘s
East Gate to Fiddler
Fiends (of Nightmaria) to Glass Desert
Gleeda to Hetan
Hethe to Isle of East Watch
Isle of Pillars to Kellanved's Reach/Chapter 12
Kellanved's Reach/Chapter 13 to Lifeslayer
Liftera to Memories of Ice/Chapter 24
Memories of Ice/Chapter 25 to North Nape
North Rust Hills to Plain of Longing
Plain of Sighs to Return of the Crimson Guard/Chapter 12
Return of the Crimson Guard/Chapter 13 to Seguleh Twelfth
Seige of Pale to South Plain
South Rust Hills to Temeth
Temp to Toll the Hounds (poem)
Tollen to Warren
Warrens to ‘Siballe the Unfound
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