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'Siballe the Unfound to Azra Jael
A‘Karonys to Blood and Bone/Chapter 13
Blood and Bone/Chapter 14 to Chanat D'argatty
Chance to Dancer's Lament/Chapter 18
Dancer's Lament/Chapter 19 to D‘ivers
D‘rek to Fenn Range
Fense to Gil Chanter
Gilal to Hengeth Palal
Henst to Ipras
Ipshank to Kashat
Kasson to Leoman
Leoman of the Flails to Matron (goddess)
Maurik to Nightblades
Nightchill to Peel
Pelasiar Sea to Red Spires
Red Swords to Scour Tavern
Scouts to Skrael
Skratch to Talon Forest
Talons to Tiam
Tibal Feredict to Vaylan Winder
Ve'Gath to ‘Siballe the Unfound
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