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'Siballe the Unfound to Azathanai
Azra Jael to Blood and Bone/Chapter 11
Blood and Bone/Chapter 12 to Chal Managal
Chalas to Dancer's Lament/Chapter 1
Dancer's Lament/Chapter 10 to Dust of Dreams/Extended Dramatis Personae
Dust of Dreams/Pagination to Fellurkanath
Feloovil Generous to Ghennan
Ghenst Terrall to Hemach Stenay
Hemel 'Et Kelal to Inside Passage
Insolent to Karsa
Karsa Orlong to Legate
Legate of Council to Masker
Maskral Jemre to Nifty Gum
Niganga to Patch
Patch (person) to Rebben
Reborid to Scamper
Scant to Skamar Ara
Skan Ahl to Tahlyn Hills
Tahlyn Mountains to Thrall
Three Maidens to Vaderon
Vala to ‘Siballe the Unfound
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