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'Siballe the Unfound to Azath house
Azath houses to Blood Range
Blood Spring to Centre District
Century Candles to Damisk
Damos to Dust of Dreams/Chapter 5
Dust of Dreams/Chapter 6 to Felis
Felisin (disambiguation) to Gest Pass
Gestallin Aros to Hegest
Heghest to Inductions
Ineb Cough to Karaschimesh
Karashimesh to Leal (servant)
Lean to Marchland Sentries
Mare to Netok
Netor to Pannion Domin
Pannion Seer to Reaper's Gale/Chapter 17
Reaper's Gale/Chapter 18 to Sart
Sartoril to Sin'b'alle
Sinker Lake to TH/14
TH/15 to Theven
Thews to Urko Crust
Urquart to ‘Siballe the Unfound
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