Spendrugle of Blearmouth was a small town or village with a population of about two hundred people in West Elingarth's Forgotten Holding.[1] It was built on the headland of a jutting spur of land surrounded by crashing ocean waves on three sides. To the north was a treeless blight that extended for six days' travel before reaching another ocean. The ferocious wind coming off the sea was bitterly cold and bracing earning the area the appellation "the Headland of Howling Winds".[2] The town stank of fish in the summer and of people eating fish in the winter.[3] Residents spoke Low Elin, a seatrader tongue and sailor's cant, and used coins made of tin.[4]

Spendrugle had a history of tyrannical rulers who terrorized the population from Wurms Keep, which lay on the Wurm Road about a third of a league south of the town where the Blear River met the water.[5] The current ruler was the mad sorcerer Lord Fangatooth Claw the Render, who had deposed his brother Warmet Humble. Earlier in its history, the town was ruled by Witch Hurl until her disappearance.[6] The keep itself was many generations old, with massive walls, a gatehouse, and a tower that swayed in the wind.[7] The current owner kept the outer wall decorated with the corpses of strangers.[8] It was not revealed whether the keep's name came from the Lord Wurms who used to rule there or whether he took his name from the keep.[9]

The current lord made a practice of arresting and condemning any stranger who entered town.[10] His rule was maintained by Constable Hordilo Stinq and three immense iron golems, which patrolled the town and guarded the keep.[11]

Below the town was a beach ringed by high ragged cliffs.[12] Offshore lay a deadly reef known on charts as "Gravewater" and called "Sunrise Surprise" by locals. It was a Wrecker's Coast as the townspeople, being wreckers,[13] took advantage of ships that fell prey to the reef, scavenging goods and materials and making sure their owners did not survive to reclaim them.[14]

On a cliff promontory on the other side of the bay from the keep were the remains of a temple that had partially collapsed into the sea a century earlier. Dedicated to a god or goddess long since forgotten, the tiled floor depicted a demonic creature with a mouthful of cherubs.[15]

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The necromancers Bauchelain and Korbal Broach were shipwrecked at Spendrugle along with their manservant, Emancipor Reese.[21] They soon ran afoul of constable Hordilo Stinq when Broach destroyed one of the town's golems.[22] Stinq escorted them to Lord Fangatooth who promptly tried to murder them with a poisoned meal.[23] Bauchelain took his revenge on Fangatooth by preparing iced cookies, each containing the bound form of a demon. After watching Bauchelain safely eat three of these cookies, Lord Fangatooth ate one as well.[24] After Fangatooth's death due to the eruption of a demon from his body, Bauchelain reinstated Warmet Humble as the town's ruler.[25]

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"Blearmouth" indicated the locality at the mouth of the Blear River.[26]

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