The Spirit Wars were remembered in the legends of the Teblor of the Laederon Plateau. They were said to involve two or three invasions of foreign gods and demons long ago when the old Teblor spirits were still in their youth. A Forkassal demon attempted to make peace between the contestants but was destroyed. Icarium also arrived to make peace, but by then the contest was over. The victors knew too well the folly of trying to defeat Icarium and so did not try.[1]

The region was known to have been the site of one of the Kron T'lan Imass' Jaghut Wars and a Nathii expedition once discovered evidence of a Jaghut still living within the plateau's glacier.[2] Fields of bones and stone weapons had been uncovered by retreating ice within the plateau by Teblor elders.[3]

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The Teblor Karsa Orlong, Bairoth Gild, and Delum Thord came across a what appeared to be a demon pinned beneath a heavy stone slab in the wilderness. Delum suspected it was the peaceful demon of legend, and that it had been entrapped by the T'lan Imass. He also speculated that this was the event that led to the shattering of the Teblor and the invocation of Icarium's Laws of Isolation.[1]

The three released the Forkrul Assail, who named herself Calm, the Bringer of Peace. But her violent response indicated that the only peace she brought was the eternal peace of death. Before she escaped, she laughed to think the work of Icarium and the T'lan Imass to imprison her had been undone.[1]

Later at Bone Pass, the Teblor discovered discovered a massive stairway of human-sized bone, antlers, tusks, and helms. Bairoth estimated tens of thousands had died to provide the materials used to construct the sturdy steps.[4]


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