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Spite was a sorceress, also called Sister Spite, and a Soletaken Eleint.[1] She was the daughter of Draconus and sister to Envy[2] who thought Spite's perennial problem was her lack of forethought.[3]

Spite was described as tall, with skin the colour of fine ash and long black hair. She had large, black eyes with elongated epicanthic folds tilting upward at the corner and full lips.[4]

Spite was described in several different outfits:

  • Chain armour which glinted silver, over a grey, hooded shirt. Her leggings were of pale, supple leather and she wore knee-high black-scaled boots. She carried two basket-hilted rapiers in her belt.[5]
  • A diaphanous blouse of emerald green with a broad black leather belt, tanned leather breeches down to rawhide leggings and three naked-bladed daggers in the belt.[6]
  • Loose, flowing robes of black and crimson silks.[7]

In Midnight Tides[]

In a vision, Udinaas witnessed Menandore and Sukul Ankhadu carrying the unconscious body of Sheltatha Lore. Sukul Ankhadu claimed that Sheltatha had taken Draconus as a lover and birthed "two horrid little children" named Envy and Spite. The two sisters planned to bury Spite's mother in the same Azath Tower that held Silchas Ruin, although Osseric warned against it.[8]

In The Bonehunters[]

Spite and Envy by Shadaan

Spite was one of twelve Nameless Ones who worked a ritual to free Dejim Nebrahl from its ancient prison. During the ceremony, she reached out a slim, rust-red, scaled hand and spoke directly to Dejim's mind with a cold and brutal intelligence that frightened the T'rolbarahl. When Dejim agreed to perform a service in return for its release, Spite placed a geas on it requiring it to attack Mappo Runt and Icarium. She then evoked the ritual of release in the name of the Warren of Starvald Demelain. Afterwards, she escaped to the air in her Soletaken form while the T'rolbarahl slew the others.[9]

Dejim Nebrahl was successful in his task, gravely wounding Mappo and separating him from Icarium as the Nameless Ones had planned. Spite met Mappo after his recovery, when the Trell, accompanied by Iskaral Pust, sought out the missing Icarium. She declared that she was glad that Dejim Nebrahl had not killed him as they had intended and that she was now outlawed from the Nameless Ones. She told Mappo that she wished to travel with him as she would be able to help him find Icarium considering her knowledge of the Nameless Ones.[10] Spite brought Mappo and Pust to her ship manned by Tiste Andii ghosts[11] and sailed for the Otataral Sea. After sensing the far off murder of Ganath by the K'Chain Nah'ruk, she told Mappo that there were "godless ones walking the sands of Seven Cities once again." The two discussed the war between the gods and the ways in which gods and their worshippers were bound to each other.[12]

Mappo later saw Spite engulfed in a mud-brown haze and engaged in a seemingly one-sided conversation while standing on the ship's prow. Pust recognised that Spite was speaking with the Eres'al, although he did not name her. Afterwards, Spite would only say the "she" must leave us for a time, leaving them vulnerable, despite Spite's efforts to dissuade her.[13] She warned Mappo that she could sense a terrible Convergence ahead and each of the three companions would have a role to play in it. Spite's role would put her "face to face with my evil sister at the very end, a meeting from which but one of us will walk away when all is done between us."[14]

Just off the coast of Otataral Island, a dozen suns plummeted from the sky towards the earth. Spite noticed a nearby ship sink under a hail of firestones, and veered into her dragonform to rescue Cutter and Scillara. Barathol Mekhar managed to pull himself and a near drowned Chaur aboard her ship on his own.[15] Spite was injured by the rain of firestones, however in the face of seeing the resuscitated Chaur's joy in Barathol's embrace, she pushed away her own pain.[16]

In Toll the Hounds[]

Spite by Marc Simonetti (official image)

Spite and her companions docked in Darujhistan.[17] Whilst the others dispersed into the city, Spite remained on board.[18]

Iskaral Pust told Envy about the presence of Spite onboard the ship in the harbor.[19]

When Barathol was apprehended by guards, he sent Chaur back to Spite.[20][21]

Spite went to her sister's estate[22] and by means of sorcery, buried it in a giant ball of magma.[23] This was being observed by Envy. The two sisters then engaged in a sorcerous duel.[24]

Interpretation of the duel between Spite and Envy by Spindrift

Spite and Envy later turned up at the scene of the duel between Dassem Ultor and Anomander Rake where they fought against Hounds of Shadow. They abandoned their quest for Dragnipur when Caladan Brood arrived.[25]

In Blood and Bone[]

Sister Spite by Dejan Delic

Spite led a group of renegade Malazan mercenaries to the island of Jacuruku in order to excavate the center of the Dolmens of Tien[26] that held a chained fragment of the Crippled God.[27] After the successful extraction of the shard, Spite found herself entrapped in its place.[28] Her attempts to escape were temporarily thwarted by Skinner and his Crimson Guard Disavowed - earning her ire.[29]

Once Spite had finally freed herself from the Dolmens,[30] she was later able to steal another fragment of the Crippled God which Skinner and his ex-Crimson Guardsmen had retrieved from the Sky Tower of Korel. Spite's intention was to use the power of this shard in her ongoing feud with her sister, Envy.[31]

In the aftermath of Osserc's attempts to minimize the damage of the catastrophic events[32] triggered by the ill-conceived magic spell of the Thaumaturgs,[33] Spite assisted L'oric in taking his unconscious father, Osserc, to "where he belonged" - Kurald Thyrllan.[34]

In Forge of Darkness[]

Envy, Malice and Spite by Celtic Botan

At the time of Mother Dark's ascension, Envy and her triplet sisters, Spite and Malice, lived with Draconus and their brother Arathan at Dracons Hold in Kurald Galain and appeared to be young girls.[35] It was revealed that the mother of Spite and her sisters might have been Olar Ethil, not Sheltatha Lore as previously thought, however, there was still some ambiguity over that statement.[36]

Their father told them that they would age like normal Tiste until they reached the age of eight or nine. Afterwards they would only mature after experiencing death-like trauma. Envy and Spite convinced Malice that if she died she would return more powerful than her hated older sisters. Malice agreed, so Spite strangled her.[37] When Malice remained dead, the two sisters hid the body and concluded that they needed to murder any who would notice she was missing, so they set about murdering the Dracons household staff.[38] Their murder spree appeared short lived when house surgeon, Atran, overpowered them both. Only the sudden appearance of a reanimated Malice saved them.[39] Afterwards, the girls hid in the walls of the Hold until Malice's deathlike stench became too much and they locked her in a blazing kitchen oven.[40]

In Fall of Light[]

Envy vs Spite by Marc Simonetti (Official Image)

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