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Stebar was a caravan guard and shareholder in the Trygalle Trade Guild.[1]

In The Bonehunters[]

Stebar was one of about a dozen or so men and women[2] who were working as caravan guards with the mage-merchant, Karpolan Demesand's Trygalle Trade Guild caravan which had been hired to provide escort for Ganoes Paran (along with his companions, the spirit of the dead Bridgeburner Hedge, and the Jaghut sorceress, Ganath) through the ancient Jaghut underworld realm, Verdith'anath (aka the 'Bridge of Death').[3]

The Trygalle Trade Guild caravan had not gotten even halfway across the "fell" bridge when Stebar and the other shareholders (who were stationed on the carriage roof) became suddenly very busy fighting off an attacking swarm of ochre-skinned creatures with long arms which ended in sharp talons, ape-like legs, and small heads which seemingly bristled with fangs.[4] The situation got very perilous very quickly and Stebar, having been viciously attacked by too many of the creatures all at once, was mortally wounded. The dying shareholder gave a red-stained smile, because he knew that since he was going to die while actively on duty during a Trygalle Trade Guild mission, he would qualify for the 'spike' - which meant that his family would receive twice the payoff than he would normally have received alive - before falling off the carriage, dead. One of the other caravan guards had noticed and announced, "Stebar's earned the spike!", as the Trygalle Guild caravan finally outdistanced the ochre-colored creatures.[5]


"The spike...[d]oubles my worth - hope the damned wife's grateful..."
―the Trygalle Trade Guild shareholder Stebar's final remark before dying[src]

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