Stet used to be called Forest Stet and had been a great woodland in the western part of the continent of Lether to the south of Kolanse and north of the Pelasiar Sea. Its northern edge faced out on to the Elan Plain. Now all that remained was a ruined wasteland, its hills denuded of forestation. There may also have been a town called Stet.[1]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

Badalle recalled walking a wooden road leading through what had been Forest Stet. Only the fact that the road was made out of trees which had been cut on end to make flat circles, made her believe that the area truly might have been forested once. Badalle and the children with her named it Stump Road or Forest Road when they were joking. Badalle and her group had then been joined by children from Stet (either the former forest area or possibly a town) who had walked the stream beds, past shattered tree-falls and diseased shrubs to join Badalle's group. Once out of the Stet area Badalle's group of refugee children met several other similar groups and together they formed what became known as the Snake.[2]

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