Talamandas the sticksnare by Johntocaelpiano

Sticksnares were the spirits of deceased Barghast shamans ensnared by the protective traps placed about their barrows. Barghast feared the souls of the dead and created elaborate protections around their graves to prevent them from wandering. When the spirit of a shaman managed to escape its barrow it was sometimes caught in the traps set up in a ring around its mortal body and freed to wander the land. Such spirits were not welcome among the Barghast and destroyed when possible. Sometimes the sticksnare remained loyal to its mortal kin and sent dreams to the clan shouldermen and women to warn of danger.[1]

Sticksnares looked like tiny human figures made of wrapped sticks, knotted twine, and twigs, and sported an acorn for a head. They were insubstantial in weight.[2]

In Memories of IceEdit

The necromancers Bauchelain and Korbal Broach captured and enslaved the sticksnare Talamandas from his barrow west of Capustan.[3] The former shaman escaped his captors and Quick Ben released his bonds.[4] In return, Talamandas helped the mage resist the Crippled God's poisoning of the Warrens, riding his shoulder and allowing him to continue using his magic.[5]

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