Toral Stimins was the Master Engineer of the Stormwall and was responsible for maintenance and repair works pertaining to the wall. He was an old man who had a penchant for dismissing people around him. His quest for absolute conclusiveness was a source of irritation to Hiam, Lord Protector of the Stormwall.[1]

Stimins had bushy white brows, a grey beard, and pale, watery blue eyes. He often cooed over the wall as he studied it.[2][3]

The Master Engineer was often followed around on the job by his sworn apprentice engineers who wore blue jupons over leathers.[4]

In Stonewielder Edit

Stimins was in the process of conducting a multi-year study of the Stormwall's condition. He was extremely clever and was responsible for discovering two major faults of the wall. The first was that the cracks appearing in the wall's foundations were due to extremely cold weather conditions which caused the moisture to freeze and suddenly explode. Such cold was not a result of natural processes but came from Stormrider magic.[5] The second was the fact that the sea level around them was rising. In some sections it even came over the wall in the right conditions.[6]

Stimins chose to keep the wall's fragility a secret from "young Hiam" until confronted by the Lord Protector since he did not want to add to his burdens. Although he was unable to give a specific prediction about how long the wall would remain stable ("Another one hundred years -- or one"), it became moot when the wall came down anyway due to earthquakes induced by Greymane's sword.[7][8]

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