Stinkfoot was a crew member aboard the corsair vessel, the Bright Spear, which preyed upon the shipping and coastal communities of the Rivan Sea of southern Genabackis.[1]

In Deadhouse LandingEdit

Stinkfoot, the Bright Spear being one of the three corsair ships moored in the only harbor of Seven Ruins Island for repairs and resupply, had taken the opportunity to visit the tavern, the "Full Sail", along with other crew members from the Bright Spear and the other two corsair vessels. Stinkfoot’s drinking was interrupted, however, when a stranger mysteriously arrived unheralded at the tavern looking for transportation off of the island - offering a pouch full of jewels to pay for the service. Stinkfoot and the others watched in amazement as the stranger tossed upon a table a slew of glittering rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Stinkfoot - as well as the other nine people in the tavern at the time - were soon involved in a deadly free-for-all amongst themselves, using their fists, knives and other weapons in an attempt to gain possession of some or all of the precious gems. When the dust finally settled, everyone except for the stranger and the adventurer, Lars Jindrift, were seriously wounded, were dying, or were dead - as was Stinkfoot.[2]

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