The Stone Bowl was holy site shrouded in perpetual darkness at the bottom of the Kaschan Trench in the Tiste Edur lands of northwestern Lether.[1] Its location, and the truth it revealed, was known only to a few women of the Tiste Edur who passed down the knowledge between generations.[2]

The site was reached by a heavy rope hidden in a hollow beneath a cairn of rocks on the trench's edge. When the end of the rope was placed in shadow, it was held taut as if grasped by countless hands, allowing a climber to descend into the trench.[3] At the gorge's bottom were tumbles of moss-covered boulders through which the glitter of water could be seen. Dead branches added to the treacherous footing, and pallid, hairless rodents lived anong the rocks.[4]

The Stone Bowl was a broad depression in the trench marked by towering standing stones and from which the light of the Elder warren Kaschan leaked like mist. The stones were strangely textured to resemble the bark of Blackwood and they possessed thick roots which descended into the pit. Within the pit were thousands upon thousands of bones from the K'Chain Che'Malle, the Tiste, the Wyval, and a single enormous Eleint skull.[4]

In Midnight TidesEdit

Suspicious of the Warlock King's burgeoning powers, a desperate Uruth Sengar revealed the secrets of the Stone Bowl to her sons, Fear and Binadas.[5] After the Edur Warlock King, Hannan Mosag, employed a monstrous power unconnected to Kurald Emurlahn to kill the sailors of a Letherii harvesting fleet, she secretly ordered Fear to bring Trull and Rhulad to the Bowl as well.[6]

Fear revealed to his brothers that the Eleint skull belonged to their god, Scabandari Bloodeye. When the Tiste had invaded the Malazan world and defeated the K'Chain Che'Malle, the dying race sent their magic into Kurald Galain like a devouring plague. The Warren of Darkness was cut off from the other realms and Mother Dark was driven into the Abyss. There, she would ultimately die consuming Light, Shadow, Darkness, and the Abyss itself. All life was now locked into mortality and faced an end. The Elder Gods and Eleint were angered because the Tiste invasion had driven the K'Chain Che'Malle to their last act. They hunted down Father Shadow, and the Elder god, Kilmandaros, slew him. Then Scabandari's spirit was placed into a prison of eternal pain to last until the end of the world.[7]

Somehow the Warlock King found his way to the Stone Bowl and discovered its secrets for himself. Uruth feared Hannan Mosag meant to avenge Father Shadow and was drawing on stained powers to do so.[5]

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