Storkul Purge was a Well Knight of Quaint. She served the Lady of Beneficence by enforcing her healthy rules of prohibition on the city's populace. Once a prostitute for Hurla's Brothel, she had turned her back on all forms of vice and impurity.[1]

Storkul had a face like a marble statue, perfect in form with a pert nose, red lips, and cold, blue eyes. She wore white enameled armor with a white cape lined in gold silk. [2]

In The Healthy DeadEdit

Storkul confronted the obviously foreign Emancipor Reese when he entered Quaint. She was not fooled by his attempts to portray himself as the prophesized First Saint of Most Glorious Labour, but her judgment was overruled by the vain Paladin of Purity, Invett Loath. Loath ordered Storkul to the Day Temple of Wellness to await Knightly Judgment for causing a "situation".[3]

While awaiting her likely lethal adjudication, Storkul's nerve faltered and she expressed need for a drink. The tiny Demon of Vice, Ineb Cough, heard her plea and convinced her to follow the back trail of Emancipor Reese, who had caused her current difficulties.[4] Outside the Inland Gate they discovered Bauchelain's camp. After sharing a few drinks with the necromancer, Ineb Cough began to grow until the necromancer had to cut the now immobilized demon out of his constrictive clothes. Storkul agreed to give a pinprick of blood to Korbal Broach who used it to raise the city's dead and sow confusion. Ineb giddily poured the former Well Knight a glass of wine.[5]

The drunken Storkul entered the now chaotic city with Bauchelain and the others before realizing her old brothel would be reopening for business.[6] She rushed to the brothel only to find it now in use by a pig farmer. She offered him her old services but he refused, fearing to make his pigs jealous.[7]

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