The Stormguard, Korelri Chosen, or simply The Chosen, was a largely male[1][2] religious military order worshiping the goddess known as Our Lady the Blessed Saviour, and dedicated to the defense of Korel and all lands of its subcontinent.

They were best known for defending the Stormwall against the onslaught of the Stormriders. The forces on the wall included the Chosen, who were volunteers and considered to be the core of the group, draftees sent from all parts of the Lands of Fist as part of long-standing agreements, and prisoners.

Every Stormguard fought during the winter season, and no Chosen was ever away from the Wall for more than a day.[3] They were excellent fighters and excelled at coordinated group tactics.[4][5] They were fanatical in their devotion, always choosing death over surrender.[6]

On some parts of the Wall, Stormguard personnel functioned as overseers, chaining prisoners by the ankle at key defense positions. Weapons were withheld from prisoners until the last possible moment in order to prevent suicide.[7] The Stormguard commanded from upper levels of the wall, descending ropes to remove the dead and lowering replacement prisoners into position with ropes which were immediately withdrawn. Whenever possible, the Chosen did not join the fight unless the available prisoners had been killed.[8]

At times of great need they could take on the "Lady's Grace", an aura of faint blue fire that likely granted additional strength and combat ability while allowing them to ignore wounds.[9] The Lady's Mortal Sword Quint could channel the aura into a blast of energy directed at his enemies known as the "Lady's Wrath".[10]

Stormguard uniforms were dark blue cloaks over silver-chased blue-black armour.[11][12] They wore sandals set with iron nails for traction on the icy Wall.[13]

The Stormguard were led by the Lord Protector of the Stormwall, Hiam.

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