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Stratem was a sub-continent, that together with the Lands of Fist, formed a continent generally referred to by the Malazans as Korel, although its actual name was unknown. Stratem formed the southern portion of the continent while Fist formed the northern portion. They were separated by the Aurgatt Range.[1]

Stratem became the homeland of the Crimson Guard after they left Quon Tali.

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"   On the subcontinent of Stratem, beyond Korelri's south range,can be found a vast peninsula where even the gods do not tread. Reaching to each coast, encompassing an area of thousands of square leagues, stretches a vast plaza. Aye, dear readers, there is no other word for it. Fashion this in your mind: near-seamless flagstones, unmarred by age and of grey, almost black, stone. Rippled lines of dark dust, minuscule dunes heaped by the moaning winds, these are all that break the breathless monotony. Who laid such stones?

   Should we give credence to Gothos's hoary tome, his glorious 'Folly'? Should we attach a dread name to the makers of this plaza? If we must, then that name is K'Chain Che'Malle. Who, then, were the K'Chain Che'Malle? An Elder Race, or so Gothos tells. Extinct even before the rise of the Jaghut, the T'lan Imass, the Forkrul Assail.

   Truth? Ah, if so, then these stones were laid down half a million - perhaps more - years ago. In the opinion of this chronicler, what utter nonsense.
―"My Endless Travels"
Esslee Monot (the Dubious)[src]

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