The Striker was a corsair vessel that preyed on the shipping in the Rivan Sea which was located due south of the southern coast of Genabackis, as well as upon the coastal communities in the vicinity.[1]

In Deadhouse LandingEdit

The Striker was one of the three corsair vessels that happened to be laying over for repairs and for replenishment of supplies at Seven Ruins Island when an unheralded stranger - to everyone's astonishment - showed up in the tavern, the "Full Sail", looking for a ship that would take him off the island. Crew members of the three corsair vessels; the Bright Spear, the Striker, and the Tempest - as well as the few other people who were also present in the tavern at the time - were soon all involved in a deadly free-for-all in competition with each other for the possession of the cascade of rubies, emeralds and sapphires that the stranger had strewn on a table top in the "Full Sail" to show what he was willing to exchange for transportation. The corsairs, Grace and Dim, from the Striker were part of this melee.[2]

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