Subly was Emancipor Reese's wife of thirty-one years and the mother of his children.[1] Unlike her husband, Subly was a woman of considerable size.[2] According to Emancipor, her past was "dark, messy and tainted with blood".

Subly maintained an altar to Soliel within their home.[3]

She likely had an affair with the dockworker, Kreege, while Emancipor was away at sea resulting in their youngest son.[4]

In Blood FollowsEdit

Fear of Subly's wrath drove the unemployed Emancipor Reese to rashly accept a job offer from the necromancers, Bauchelain and Korbal Broach. The chance to leave town and get away from his family was an added benefit.[5] When Bauchelain gazed into Emancipor's mind he thought it peculiar that he could hear Sulby's voice, but find no image.[6]

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