Sulmar was a nobleborn captain in Coltaine's 7th Army. He was described as dark and short with a greased mustache, and appeared to have Kanese and Dal Honese blood in his ancestry. Duiker thought he bore a habitually dour expression and his shoulders seemed to slope "as if carrying a lifetime of burdens".[1][2][3]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

When the Whirlwind rebellion drove the 7th Army out of Hissar, Sulmar became one of Coltaine's Chain of Dogs. Among Coltaine's officers he became the mouthpiece for the nobles in the train of refugees that accompanied the army. His attempts to gain concessions for the Council of Nobles earned him scorn from his fellow officers.[4]

After the Battle of Gelor Ridge Sulmar argued that the 7th Army should make for the nearby city of Ubaryd rather continue on the long road to Aren. Sulmar and the nobles argued the port city would allow them to be resupplied or rescued by Admiral Nok. Coltaine denied the request, but Sulmar insisted leading Lull to threaten violence and Coltaine to attempt to strip him of his rank.[5]

Sulmar was last mentioned just before the Battle of Sanimon.[6] He likely perished somewhere along the Aren Way or with the rest of the 7th Army just north of Aren's gates.[7]

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