The Suncurl was a stolen vessel commanded by Captain Sater, on which Emancipor Reese booked passage out of Lamentable Moll for Bauchelain and Korbal Broach. The vessel was unknowingly repaired with nails retrieved from Moll's barrows.[1] It was pursued by the Unreasoning Vengeance which sought the return of its stolen cargo and bloody revenge against the thieves.[2]

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In Blood FollowsEdit

The Suncurl arrived in Lamentable Moll where it unloaded cargo from Stratem. Two of the dockworkers, Dully and Kreege, called it a "good-looking ship, a trough-runner for sure" and said the captain and crew were a "quiet, private bunch." The pair sold them much needed iron nails for a good price, but did not reveal that the nails came from the city's barrows.[3][4]

In The Lees of Laughter's EndEdit

When the ship traveled into the eldritch waters of Laughter's End, the entities tied to the iron barrow nails combined into a multi-souled lich aboard the Suncurl. The lich, composed of Viviset, Hag Threedbore, Lordson Hoom, Baltro, and a monstrous Jhorligg began murdering Suncurl's crewmembers and rebuilding its body.[5] At the same time Korbal Broach loosed his patchwork child and six demonic statues called for their master. Korbal Broach destroyed the lich and cast his child overboard. The statues were taken into the ocean by a giant god-thing. The ship, now severely damaged and missing many crew members, soon appeared in the sights of their rabid pursuers.[6]

In The Wurms of Blearmouth Edit

After a terrific battle against the Chanters in a rainstorm, the badly damaged Suncurl sank off the wrecker's coast of Spendrugle. Crew members Birds Mottle, Gust Hubb, and Heck Urse escaped by storming the Chanter ship and stealing a lifeboat.[7] Otherwise, only passengers Bauchelain, Korbal Broach, and Emancipor Reese were known to have escaped.[8]

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