The Suncurl lich was an undead creature born in the hold of the Suncurl when haunted nails came into contact with the blood of Mael that ran in a current through the waters of Laughter's End.[1] The lich was formed from an amalgamation of body parts and souls. It stood half again as tall as a man and possessed at least a dozen arms. Eyes and mouths covered its torso and its legs were a conglomerated braiding of multiple legs. Its head, which sat atop a box-like bony ribcage, was ripped from the body of the Suncurl's first mate, Ably Druther.[2]

It's souls mostly came from spirits formerly attached to iron nails once used to close sarcophagi in the barrows of Lamentable Moll. These souls were Viviset, Hag Threedbore, Lordson Hoom, Baltro, and a monstrous Jhorligg. A final soul was already on board the ship when the cursed nails arrived, but it did not know its name or where it came from. The multi-souled being constantly argued with itself and was driven to acts of frenzied violence by its bestial Jhorligg component.[3]

In The Lees of Laughter's EndEdit

The newly formed lich awoke in the hold of the Suncurl and began murdering the crew. It's first victim was the ship's Carpenter.[4] Later, it killed Ably Druther, adding his head to its rapidly growing body.[5] Korbal Broach sent his patchwork homunculus against the lich, but ultimately killed it with his bare hands. He seized the lich's newly acquired head and tore it from its body.[6]

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