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Sunny was a saboteur in the Malazan Army posted in Li Heng. He was a veteran who had been in Storo Matash's squad since the Genabackis Campaign.[1]  He was named Sunny because his smiles were awful.[2] 

Sunny was originally from Gris.[3]

In Return of the Crimson Guard[]

After returning from Genabackis, Sunny and the rest of Storo Matash's squad were stationed in Li Heng where they were tasked with restoring the city's outer defenses. Learning of Fist Rheena's murder they infiltrated Li Heng's City Temple and defeated the Talian League's attempted coup.[4]

He later accompanied Hurl and Liss as part of the city's delegation to the Seti 'Urpan Yelgan', or high council, to determine the League's intentions.[5]

Sunny maintained an active role in the resulting siege. He joined the expedition to free the man-jackal Ryllandaras from his prison below the city to use as a weapon against the League.[6] After Storo became incapacitated and Hurl left the city, Sunny became acting commander of Li Heng.[7]

By the end of the siege, only Sunny, Hurl, and Silk remained alive from the original squad.[8]


Liss: "Things only have the power people are willing to give them."
Sunny: "What a crock of shit."
Liss (smiling): "That's because you don't believe."
―Liss and Sunny discuss whether she was the Baya-Gul of legend[src]

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