The Sunyd were a clan of Teblor located on the eastern edge of the Laederon Plateau on northern Genabackis. They were the smallest in size among the Teblor.[1] Their language was very similar to the Nathii trading language of their lowlander neighbors.[2] The Sunyd kept fewer dogs than the other Teblor clans.[3]

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In House of ChainsEdit

Karsa Orlong, Bairoth Gild, and Delum Thord journeyed through Sunyd lands to raid the human settlements located to their east, but found them long abandoned and overgrown. Many showed evidence of violent raids.[3]

In Silver Lake, Karsa found the remaining Sunyd broken in spirit and enslaved by the Nathii as fishermen. Their children had been tempted away from their homeland by promises of coin and some had returned as scouts bringing slavers back to their villages. Their secret groves of Bloodwood had been burned down. Karsa looked upon them in disgust.[4]

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