Svalthbrul, also known as Boarstooth, was a magical spear, famous among the Icebloods and lowlanders of northern Assail. It had a "thick ash haft" and a "broad leaf-shaped head" made of an unknown stone.[1]

The last three known true owners were:

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When thrown at an enemy by its rightful owner, it could not miss. Orman once threw it blind into the air amidst a misty battlefield to fatally strike Lotji Bain.[2]

The spear's power was only activated when wielded by its proper owner. Ownership could only be transferred to the person who took the weapon from the hand of its dead owner. When Lotji tricked Orman into handing over the spear it refused to fly true. Instead it landed an arm's length from Orman, allowing him to retrieve it.[3]

In AssailEdit

It was revealed that Svalthbrul's original owner was Ut'el Anag, a Bonecaster of the Kerluhm T'lan Imass.[4] He had used it to spear the Jaghut matriarch high in the Salt Range over 30,000 years ago. She pulled the spear with her as she seemingly fell to her death in the abyss.[5]

The spear was also used by Orman to slay Buri and unleash the Jaghut icewall onto the Iceblood Holdings, the lowlands, and the Sea of Gold.[6]

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