Syntara was the junior high priestess of Kharkanas who served with Mother Dark. She was a pale, young, lush featured woman, whose makeup enhanced her elongated, seductive eyes and was the subject of a painting by Kadaspala, the famed portraitist. She saw herself as a rising power within the church and court, eclipsing the senior high priestess, Emral Lanear, who she believed retained her position only out of pity.[1]

Syntara imbued the church with sensuality and was rumored to have once been an alley-dancer and prostitute, but she was sensitive to anyone hinting of her past.[2] She was devastated to learn that she had been elevated to high priestess only to ease the administrative burden on Emral.[3]

In Forge of DarknessEdit

Syntara witnessed the meeting of Mother Dark with T'riss, the Azathanai. She revealed few details of what was said, but when it was over Syntara stumbled out of the room, skin now alabaster and eyes now dark pools of ink, shouting that she had chosen her gift from the Azathanai. She was now the first high priestess of Light, a Tiste Liosan.[4][5]

Syntara sought out Hunn Raal of Urusander's Legion demanding sanctuary. She claimed to have been banished and that Mother Dark was too weak to protect the realm. Syntara left for the Legion's home at Neret Sorr bringing one third of the priests and priestesses with her.[6] With the Legion, she released a golden light that changed Commander Vatha Urusander, Lieutenant Serap, Sergeant Yeld, and Castellan Haradegar into Liosan like herself. Captain Sharenas Ankhadu averred that Syntara was a mahybe set among them by the Azathanai and now a rival to Mother Dark.[7]

In Fall of LightEdit

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