Synyg was the son of Pahlk Orlong and the father[1] of Karsa. He was initially described as a disappointment to both of them for his reluctance to leave the village to raid foreign territories and for his seeming disrespect of the Teblor ways. But Synyg faithfully trained his son in the fighting dances of his people.[2]

Synyg was a widower whose wife had borne four other children besides Karsa. Those three sons and a daughter had been born defective in some way and had been left to die of exposure before The Seven Faces in the Rock as was Teblor tradition.[3]

In House of ChainsEdit

When Karsa made it clear he planned to follow in his grandfather's footsteps and raid the lands of Silver Lake, Synyg withheld his blessing. Instead, he gave Karsa his prized destrier, Havok, to take with him. After Karsa's departure, Pahlk went to Synyg's home to dine and argue over Synyg's failure to bless Karsa's expedition. Synyg threw his father out of the house, threatening to kill him if he ever returned.[4]

As time passed, Karsa became increasingly empathetic towards his father, though he never went back to tell him.

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