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A T'lan Imass and his companion T'lan Ay by Petar Topalov

The T'lan Ay were undead ancient ancestors of wolves who accompanied the T'lan Imass. They had once been mortal ay until the Imass had included them in the Ritual of Tellann, an act Pran Chole attributed to Imass selfishness.[1]

The T'lan Ay were twice the size of the plains wolves of the Burn's Sleep era, with comparatively disproportionate long legs and broad shoulders, short necks, and wide jaws.[2][3] Some possessed grey, matted fur with black shoulders and thick silver tails with black tips. Others were the colour of powdered rotted wood with tan throats and bellies.[4]

Their gaunt bodies and pitted eyes resembled those of the T'lan Imass.[1] Korlat observed, "Within these wolves... I see sorrow. Eternal sorrow," in contrast to the emptiness she sensed in the T'lan Imass.[5]

The wolf gods, Togg and Fanderay, considered the ay to be their children.[6]

In Memories of Ice[]

The T'lan Ay returned in response to the summons to the Second Gathering. Pran Chole commented that until then he had not seen any for 3000 years. A group of four to five hundred joined the Kron T'lan Imass near Capustan where they promptly slew five K'Chain Che'Malle K'ell Hunters without a single casualty.[1]

During the Siege of Capustan, the T'lan Ay, along with the T'lan Imass, slew at least eighty more Hunters throwing Septarch Kulpath's original battle plans into disarray.[7][8]

At the Siege of Coral, they responded to the call of the newly freed Togg and slew hundreds of the Pannion Seer's Hunters who faced Onearm's Host outside the walls of the city.[9] Afterwards, it was revealed that Baaljagg, the last living ay, had been rescued by K'rul shortly before the Ritual had claimed the others of her species and tens of thousands of souls of the ay had been protected within her dreams for millennia. Onos T'oolan convinced Silverfox to finally free the T'lan Ay from the curse of the Vow and the wolves ran together with Togg and Fanderay in the dream world of Tellann.[10]

In Dust of Dreams[]

Baaljagg appeared as T'lan Ay to guard Absi, a half-Imass child.

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