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The T'orrud Cabal was a group of mages who were the true rulers of the city of Darujhistan.[1]

In Gardens of the Moon[]

The Cabal allied with Anomander Rake and his Tiste Andii against the invading Malazan Empire.[1] They suffered casualties during events in Darujhistan. Mammot was killed during the fight with Raest[2] and Vorcan Radok killed several members,[3] reducing their numbers to only three: herself, Baruk, and Derudan. Vorcan's destruction of the Cabal weakened the bindings on the Tyrant.[citation needed]

In The Bonehunters[]

Cutter encountered the undead Soldier of High House Death in Seven Cities and the ancient Seguleh spoke of Darujhistan in ways that confused the young thief. The Soldier asked Cutter if the Tyrant's children still ruled the city and whether the Tyrant's Seguleh army still held sway. When told there was no Tyrant, the Soldier spoke of the T'orrud Cabal as a group of undying, secretive, paranoid mages preparing for the inevitable return of the Tyrant. Among them he named Barukanal, Derudanith, Travalegrah, and Mammoltenan. He called Cutter's claim that Mammot was his uncle absurd.[4]

In Reaper's Gale[]

"T'orrud" would appear to be the First Empire term for "shield" (T'orrud Segul = Shield Anvil and Seguleh = the Anvil).

In Toll the Hounds[]

(Information needed)

In Orb Sceptre Throne[]

The T'orrud Cabal were once sorcerers of the last Tyrant King of Darujhistan. After his fall they attempted to keep him chained.[citation needed]

The Tyrant was inadvertently freed by guards accompanying Scholar Ebbin during excavations on the Dwelling Plain near Darujhistan. The Tyranty called back the T'orrud Cabal, forcing Barukanal to return to him on his knees. He announced that the Alchemist was to be punished. Aman and the shade/ghost Hinter were already backing the Tyrant, supported by Taya Radok. Vorcan managed to evade his (forced) recall by chaining herself, despite this causing her a great amount of pain.[5]

Derudan escaped by means of drugs supplied to her by Kruppe.

The T'orrud Cabal were forced to cater to the Tyrant's wishes until, finally, his hold on them was broken.

Members of the Cabal[]

Mentioned in Dramatis Personae Gardens of the Moon[6][]

  • Baruk (Barukanal), a High Alchemist
  • Derudan (Derudanith), a Witch of Tennes
  • Mammot (Mammoltenan), a High Priest of D'riss and eminent scholar
  • Parald, a High Mage - killed by Vorcan in GotM
  • Tholis, a High Mage - killed by Vorcan in GotM
  • Travale (Travalegrah), a pious soldier of the cabal - killed by Vorcan in GotM


The Cabal was supposed to have consisted of twelve members. It is possible that Aman was one of the unnamed members, supposedly killed by Vorcan but who had in fact survived.

For a discussion about numbers and original Cabal members see Forum discussion thread T'orrud Cabal

Excerpt of a poem about the Cabal[]

"There is a cabal breathing
deeper than the bellows
drawing up the emerald fires
beneath rain-glistened cobbles,
while you may hear the groaning
from the caverns below,
the whisper of sorcery
is less than the dying sigh
of a thief stumbling unwilling
into Daruihistan's secret web…
―Cabal (fragment)
Puddle (b. 1122?)[src]

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