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"We can't stand idly by any longer, V'thell. Everything's slipping away bit by bit. Everything we struggled to raise. She doesn't understand how the machine we built must run."
Urko Crust to V'thell[src]

The Talian League arose on the continent of Quon Tali in opposition to Laseen's rule of the Malazan Empire. The League consisted of soldiers from Quon Tali, the Falari islands, the Seti plains, and the Gold and Silver Moranth. As a figurehead, they chose Ghelel Rhik Tayliin, the last surviving member of the Tayliin family line. Their military was headed by most of the surviving Old Guard.

In Return of the Crimson Guard[]

The League met the Imperial forces at the Battle of the Plains outside of Li Heng. During the height of the battle, the Seti betrayed the League and left the field, confident they could take the prized Li Heng on their own after their patron Ryllandaras had been released to the Seti plains.[1] The Talian League was defeated and its soldiers, officers, and mages joined the Imperial forces to fight against their common foe, the Crimson Guard.[2] By the time the Guard had been defeated, former League officers Choss, Amaron, Toc the Elder, and Ullen Khadeve were dead, and Urko Crust had fled.[3] Its figurehead Ghelel had escaped but was chased by Moss, with the outcome left unknown.[4]

Notable members[]

  • Urko Crust, Commander of Falaran forces, 'Old Guard', also known as 'Shatterer'
  • V'thell, Commander of Gold Moranth forces
  • Choss, Commander of Talian forces, 'Old Guard'
  • Toc the Elder, Seti Warlord, 'Old Guard'
  • Amaron, Chief of intelligence, 'Old Guard'
  • Ullen Khadeve, Urko's lieutenant-commander and chief of staff, 'Old Guard'
  • Bala Jesselt, Cadre mage, 'Old Guard'
  • Eselen Tonley, a captain of Falaran cavalry
  • Orlat Kepten, a captain of Talian forces, 'Old Guard'’
  • Ghelel Rhik Tayliin, set up as a political figurehead, was assigned a military position as Captain Alil, but was prevented from taking an active role in either the political or military arena.

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