Equinoctial LineEdit

Just a curious observation, in one of the passages I've referenced which describe Jakal Viharn, it says that the city lies "under the equinoctial line" (Blood and Bone, Chapter 4, UK MMPB, pg. 203), it's from one of the quotes that you get at the start of a chapter. The first time I read the book I must have read past this thinking that it read "equatorial", or perhaps thinking it an alternative (or older) way of spelling the same. However, it means much what you might think, if you look at the word, being something that happens near or at the time of the equinox - which is the time that the length of the day is the same as the length of the night, happens ~twice a year on earth.

This therefore either means something about the way that the planet of Wu (the regular, mortal world that Malazan Book of the Fallen is set in), or something specific about Ardata, Himatan and Jakal Viharn. I haven't really put much thought into it yet, but it's an intruiging idea. Of course, it could just be that ICE thought that it sounded cool and/or mysterious and just through it in, but you never know.

Moranth Munitions (talk) 13:53, December 15, 2014 (UTC)

Definitively interesting observation, MM. I don't remember the word being used anywhere else. Might be worth adding to the Glossary category. Egwene of the Malazan Empire (talk) 14:45, December 16, 2014 (UTC)

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