Tarancede Tower was a seven-storey watchtower overlooking Trate Harbour from an artificial island of jagged rocks in the harbour's south.[1][2] It was cut from raw basalt and was devoid of beauty or elegance. It had no windows or doors, and the uppermost level was ringed by a series of glossy obsidian plates.[2]

It was one of ten similar towers along the Letherii Empire's borderlands, but the only one standing over the seas of the north.[2] The obsidian tiles of each tower were linked to a matching tile in the chamber of Kuru Qan in Letheras. They gave the Ceda a view of the towers' surroundings even in low light.[2]

In Midnight Tides Edit

After taking revenge on the Letherii for poaching Tusked seals, Hannan Mosag sent three vessels back to Trate as a warning. They were manned by Shadow wraiths and carried on the back of an immense ocean spirit. The spirit sent the ships crashing into the crowded docks along with a surge of water, fish, and crustaceans. Kuru Qan witnessed the attack through the Tarancede Tower's tiles.[2]

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