Tcharka, meaning "Gift of Wind" in Kyle's native tongue, was the name he gave to his tulwar.[1] The Crimson Guard mage, Smoky had inscribed it with the spiral symbols denoting the Wind Spirit.[2]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

Unbeknownst to the young man, the sword contained Osserc himself, as the Ascendant had transferred his essence to the sword when Kyle warned the god as Cowl attempted to assassinate him. Whereas Smoky had etched one side of the sword, after Osserc disappeared in a flash of lightning that struck the sword, Kyle noted that it was now covered in etchings depicting swirls of wind along both sides. [3]

The Thel Akai Ereko was appalled by its power and thought the blade "too great to be carried by any being cognizant of its potential." He thought the blade an equal to Vengeance carried by Traveller, and concluded that he himself dare not touch it.[4]

For a time while possessing Tcharka, Kyle dreamed of Osserc, once even eavesdropping on a conversation between the god and Anomander Rake.[5]

Tcharka was destroyed when Traveller and Kyle were brought into Shadow by Ammanas. As Traveller argued with Ammanas and Cotillion, Tcharka grew hot to the touch. Sensing an emergence, Cotillion dashed Tcharka to the ground just as it caught fire and melted. From its remains came Osserc, who thanked Kyle and gave him his own sword as a replacement.[6]

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