Temal, sometimes known as Temal-Esh, was the legendary founder of the Stormwall and the first Lord Protector. His forebears had come to Korel Island two generations previously after failing to find suitable living conditions in Dark Avallithal, Dhal-Horn, or the Isles of Malassa. Despite attacks from Stormriders and the sparse population of native tribesmen, the peninsulas and islands of Korel were still attractive for settlers because they were cultivable and rich with resources.[1][2]

Temal was the leader of his extended clan and could field a war band of about twenty, although most were inexperienced youths. Arel, a distant cousin, was a member of the war band. His lieutenant was his friend Jhenhelf.[3]

In StonewielderEdit

Temal and his warband fought Stormriders on the shore of Korel Island until their attackers mysteriously withdrew. As they prepared to repel another assault they glimpsed a giant figure standing on the cliffs overlooking the shore. Temal, Will, and Otten went to investigate while the rest guarded the surf. The stranger was the Lady, local goddess of the islands. She welcomed Temal and his people and claimed to have driven off the Riders. She offered to extend her protection to his clan in return for their creating a great barrier against the sea. Temal, whose people were losing ground to the Riders every year, felt he had no choice but to kneel and accept the offer.[4]

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