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Usage instructions

Copy the below text and paste it into the article you are working on. Replace each word other than Page with your reference details.

{{Page|book name/chapter name|edition abbreviation|page number}}


  • Book and chapter codes can be used to quickly enter in source links for a book and/or chapter. A list of bookcodes can found here.
  • edition abbreviation
  • page number
  • Don't forget to place the whole thing inside <ref></ref> tags when referencing. Eg: <ref>{{Page|GM/DP|UK MMPB|xvi}}</ref>
  • See also: Help:Referencing



{{Page|Gardens of the Moon/Prologue|UK MMPB|23}}


Gardens of the Moon/Prologue, UK MMPB, p.23


{{Page|GM/P|UK MMPB|23}}


GM/P, UK MMPB, p.23

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