The Terondai was a room in the New Palace of Coral where Anomander Rake had commissioned the symbol of Mother Dark to be inset to both the floor and roof.[1] It was a large domed room, as was the original in Kharkanas,[2] which was the "heart" of Kurald Galain's manifestation in the mortal realm and could be considered the Temple of Darkness, however it held no power[3][1] until the Gate of Darkness was freed from its prison in Dragnipur.

The Terondai was situated directly above the chamber where Rake meditated and sometimes rested Dragnipur in the stone.[4]

In Toll the HoundsEdit

Endest Silann fought Clip, who was possessed by the Dying God, within the Terondai but was overwhelmed. Aranatha, possessed by Mother Dark, stopped Clip however, and the Gate of Darkness was moved to the Terondai, as Dragnipur was destroyed - releasing it - when Anomander Rake dissipated through it.[3]

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