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What is there left to understand? Choice is an illusion. Freedom is conceit. The hands that reach out to guide your every step, your every thought, come not from the gods, for they are no less deluded than we – no, my friends, those hands come to each of us...from each of us.
    You may believe that civilization deafens us with tens of thousands of voices, but listen well to that clamour, for with each renewed burst so disparate and myriad, an ancient force awakens, drawing each noise ever closer, until the chorus forms but two sides, each battling the other. The bloody lines are drawn, fought in the turning away of faces, in the stoppering of ears, the cold denial, and all discourse, at the last, is revealed as futile and worthless.
    Will you yet hold, my friends, to the faith that change is within our grasp? That will and reason shall overcome the will of denial?
    There is nothing left to understand. This mad whirlpool holds us all in a grasp that cannot be broken; and you with your spears and battle-masks; you with your tears and soft touch; you with the sardonic grin behind which screams fear and self-hatred; even you who stand aside in silent witness to our catastrophe of dissolution, too numb to act – it is all one. You are all one. We are all one.
    So now come closer, my friends, and see in this modest cart before you my most precious wares. Elixir of Oblivion, Tincture of Frenzied Dancing, and here, my favourite, Unguent of Male Prowess Unending, where I guarantee your soldier will remain standing through battle after battle...

Hawker's Harangue,
recounted by Vaylan Winder,
Malaz City, the year the city overflowed with sewage
(1123 Burn's Sleep)

Malaz City[]


Banaschar broods in Coop's Hanged Man Inn while verbally sparring with an unknown foreigner.

He has sent six messengers to Tayschrenn who is known to be staying in Mock's Hold about a matter of great importance, but has received no reply from Tayschrenn leading him to think the messages are being intercepted.

Dryjhna Ocean[]

Ahlrada Ahn[]

Taralack Veed[]