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The Bonehunters
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If thunder could be caught, trapped in stone, and all its violent concatenation stolen from time, and tens of thousands of years were freed to gnaw and scrape this racked visage, so would this first witnessing unveil all its terrible meaning. Such were my thoughts, then, and such they are now, although decades have passed in the interval, when I last set eyes upon that tragic ruin, so fierce was its ancient claim to greatness.

The Lost City of the Path'Apur
Prince I'farah of Bakun, 987–1032 Burn's Sleep

Ugarat Odhan[]

Taralack Veed tends to Icarium, who has been gravely wounded by the T'rolbarahl. The amnesiac Jhag has already forgotten about Mappo and Veed convinces him that they are long time companions. He readies Icarium for a trip north and west to the coast opposite the island of Sepik. Veed reminds Icarium that the Jhag has been chosen by the gods to free the world of a great evil. As an example, he speaks of E'napatha N'apur, a city of evil wherein Icarium had long ago slain every man, woman, and child. "The enemy is evil, Icarium", says Veed. "The face of the world is evil. And so, friend, your enemy is..." "The world", Icarium finishes.

Path'apur Mountains[]

Heboric awakens before the others in camp. He questions his new role as Treach's Destriant as the many ghosts he sees crowd him and stare in silent judgement. His dreams are invaded by the whispers of those trapped in the green prison of Otataral Island. They beg him to return and he looks forward to ridding himself of the alien power of their accursed gift of jade.

The others awake. Scillara complains of the increasing physical discomfort caused by her pregnancy. Cutter tends to the fire. Heboric announces that they will reach the ancient, dead city of E'napatha N'apur today. Long ago its entire citizenry had been slain by Icarium after its king refused him entrance and an arrow fired in warning had accidentally slain his companion. Heboric is disturbed that some of the city's ghosts, who had worshipped the war god found in one of Dessimbelackis' seven visages, seem to recognise him. Scillara laughs that he is a Destriant of Treach. Who is to say that all the different war gods are not just different aspects of one insane god. Greyfrog looks down upon the camp from the rocks above, his indigestion driven by the whole goat still kicking in his stomach.

Jhag Odhan[]

Samar Dev and Karsa Orlong have travelled far across the Jhag Odhan. They have begun to small bands of hunters stalking the Bhederin herds that live here. Half-wild dogs living among these fringe tribes prevent them from approaching the butchering sites. Samar Dev has found the Teblor surprisingly easy to travel with, although Karsa soon fixates on killing a bhederin of his own. Spotting a small herd amongst a stand of trees, Karsa charges them atop Havok and easily dispatches the two bulls defending the herd. Karsa instructs Samar Dev to make camp as he prepares to butcher the beasts. When the annoyed scholar asks if the barbarian also expects to lay with her that night, Karsa responds, "If you like". Samar Dev spots a hunter watching them in the distance and wonders if there will be trouble with the locals.

Ugarat Odhan[]

Dejim Nebrahl prowls the rocks above the plain. He was shocked when Mappo killed two of his D'ivers forms. He stalks a slave caravan hoping to kill enough merchants to recover his missing members and perhaps fashion an eighth. When he rules Seven Cities he will end such injustices as slavery. Of course, his own hungers will still need to be sated. He prepares to attack.

Raraku Sea[]

Iskaral Pust and his mule stand on the shores of the reborn Raraku Sea. The High Priest spies the first tiny fish to return to the waters before riding his mule into Shadow. After he departs, his wife Mogora creeps out of the nearby bushes. She stocks the water with young freshwater sharks before following her husband.

Ugarat Odhan[]

Iskaral Pust and his mule charge out of Shadow towards Dejim Nebrahl as the T'rolbarahl attacks the caravan. Pust nearly falls head over heels as his mule suddenly skids to a halt. Then the High Priest is disappearing in and out of Shadow throwing sorcery against the T'rolbarahl until it flees in panic.

Pust searches the tumbled rocks at the base of a cliff until he finds the gravely injured body of Mappo pinned within a crevice. He pulls the Trell out and readies the High Denul ointments, elixers, tinctures, and salves to save his life. Mogora appears from the gloom and demands to take over Mappo's care from her idiot husband. Pust leaves to make tea in the encampment seemingly set up by his mule. Mogora conducts a healing ritual on Mappo, encircling his body with stones, urinating, and throwing strands of her hair into the night sky. Strands of web and spiders fall from the sky and completely envelop the Trell. Pust squeals when the very Moon seems to descend upon them.

Temple of Rashan[]

Lostara Yil awakes upon an altar in a hidden Temple of Rashan just off the Sotka Road a league and a half north of Y'Ghatan. Cotillion turns from window where he is observing the strange appearance of the moon. The god tells Lostara he has saved her from the inferno. He grants that it is unusual for a god to do so, but T'riss had already opened the door for divine intervention at Y'Ghatan. Cotillion cryptically warns Lostara that she may soon have to make a choice of loyalty between the Adjunct and the Malazan Empire. He is aware of events that may or may not come to pass that do not directly involve him. Before leaving, Cotillion tells Lostara to wait until dawn, then head to the road to meet welcome company. Lostara wonders if she is now in Cotillion's debt. The god says his actions are his repayment for once having seen her Shadow Dance.

Ugarat Odhan[]

Mogora has finished her ritual and the moon is back where it belongs. Cotillion appears before her and commends her skill. Although he wonders if her gift may in truth be a curse. When he asks the witch if she is "one of Ardata's", Mogora veers into a mass of spiders and disappears into the rocks. Sighing, the god departs into Shadow.