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Double-sided coins that could be used for divination of the future, just like the Deck of Dragons and the Tiles, but based on the new warrens that Icarium created. The only mention of the Coins - as coins rather than re-purposed Tiles - was when they first manifested. This occurred as Breath was throwing her tiles, and they changed mid throw into coins.[1] There were no Holds or Houses any more, instead each coin was unaligned.[2] Some of these new coins were old tiles remade, for example Chance had been remade into the double-sided tile of Fortune and Misfortune.[2] Each coin had opposites on each side, with the remade tiles being less potent than the three wholly newly created coins (Fury, Root, Blueiron).[2]

New tiles[]

  • Air & Stone[2]
  • Blueiron & Oblivion[2]
  • Fire & Water[2]
  • Fortune & Misfortune[2]
  • Fury & Starwheel[2]
  • Knuckles & Skull[3]
  • Life & Death[2]
  • Light & Dark[2]
  • Root & Ice Haunt[2]
  • Rule & Ambition[2]
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