The Crippled God
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"He was a soldier"
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All the takers of my days
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To charge the spear
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The fists of the world
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A hand upon the fates
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To one in chains
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Your private shore
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If you never knew
the worlds in my mind
your sense of loss
would be small pity
and we'll forget this on the trail.
Take what you're given
and turn away the screwed face.
I do not deserve it,
no matter how narrow the strand
of your private shore.
If you will do your best
I'll meet your eye.
It's the clutch of arrows in hand
that I do not trust
bent to the smile hitching my way.
We aren't meeting in sorrow
or some other suture
bridging scares.
We haven't danced the same
thin ice
and my sympathy for your troubles
I give freely without thought
of reciprocity or scales on balance.
It's the decent thing, that's all
Even if that thing
is a stranger to so many.
But there will be secrets
you never knew
and I would not choose any other way.
All my arrows are burried and
the sandy reach is broad
and all that's private
cools pinned on the alter.
Even the drips are gone,
that child of wants
with a mind full of worlds
and his reddened tears.
The days I feel mortal I so hate.
The days in my worlds,
are where I live for ever,
and should dawn ever arrive
I will to its light awaken
as one reborn.

Poet's Night iii.iv
The Malazan Book of the Fallen
Fisher kel Tath

Calm, a Forkrul Assail Pure, walks through the Wastelands of the continent of Lether, trailing chains made from the bones of her ancestors. She reaches the unconscious body of Icarium and uses the chains to bind him and keep him unconscious.

Some Tiste Liosan led by Kadagar Fant, who styles himself Lord of Light, has trapped the Eleint Kessobahn. They drink his blood, so becoming Soletaken able to veer to dragon form. They do so and kill Kessobahn.

Cotillion visits three chained Eleint, Eloth, Kalse and Ampelas. He bargains with them, offering freedom.

Mael carries a corpse along the bottom of an ocean. He delivers it to K'rul. They discuss the Bonehunter disaster with regret, and appear to blame Errastas for nudging its occurrence.

Udinaas is told by Kilava Onass to lead the Imass out of the Refugium and into the world, while she remains to fight approaching enemies.

Using a warren, Ganoes Paran has transported his Malazan 5th army Host from Aren to North Citadel, the second city of Kolanse, and taken it. They are now besieged in the city by Kolansii troops from the south, led by Watered.

Apsal'ara, released from Dragnipur, arrives in Black Coral and appoints herself advisor to Nimander. She suggests leaving the city.

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