The Crippled God
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"He was a soldier"
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All the takers of my days
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To charge the spear
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The fists of the world
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A hand upon the fates
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To one in chains
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Your private shore
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And all the ages past
Have nothing to say
They rest easy underfoot
Uttering not a whisper
They are dead as the eyes
That looked upon them
Riding the dust that gathers
In lost and forgotten corners
You won't find them
Scratched in scrolls
Or between the bindings
Of leather-bound tomes
Not once carved
On stelae and stone walls
They do not hide
Waiting to be found
Like treasures of truth
Or holy revelation
Not one of the ages past
Will descend from the heavens
Cupped in the hand
Of a god or clutched tight
By a stumbling prophet
All these ages past
Remain for ever untouched
With lessons unlearned
By the fool who can do nothing
But stare ahead
To where stands the future
Grinning with empty eyes

Helpless Days
Fisher kel Tath

The battle on the First Shore continues. Wave after wave of Liosan troops attack and are repulsed. One of their Soletaken leaders goes through the breach in dragon form; Yedan Derryg kills him with his Hust sword. Four Hounds of Light attack and are also killed by him, but not before slaughtering many defenders. Another dragon attacks and is killed too.

Back in Kharkanas, Queen Sandalath Drukorlat is losing touch with reality, due to her ancient memories of the city and the strain of waiting on the throne while the Shake die in her place. She determines that the Liosal will not take the city, preferring to burn it herself.

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