The Crippled God
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"He was a soldier"
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All the takers of my days
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Chapter 7
To charge the spear
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Chapter 10
The fists of the world
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Chapter 13
A hand upon the fates
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Chapter 16
To one in chains
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Your private shore
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Stone whispers
But we take chisel in hand
Child begs
Not yet
But the sands have run out
Sky cries
But we hold our ground
Wind sings
But roots bind us down
Lover sighs
But we must be gone
Life pleads
But death is the dream
We beg
Not yet
But the sands have run out
Stone whispers

Gallan of Kharkanas

Silchas and Tulas

Silchas Ruin and Tulas Shorn by Puckstein

Kilmandaros has succeeded in freeing the Otataral Dragon. She, Sechul Lath and Errastas hurry to leave the area. Kilmandaros worries that Draconus will seek to kill her in retaliation.

Silchas Ruin is reunited with his now-undead cousin, Tulas Shorn.

Olar Ethil has taken Torrent and the children into a warren to avoid the Glass Desert. The girls fear that she will soon kill them to exert more pressure on Onos T'oolan. Torrent wanders off a little way and meets Kruppe, who reveals that he is the girls' real father. He gives Torrent a better bow and arrows with which to defend them.

Gruntle, in tiger form, is again travelling through dream-warrens. He meets Kilava in a cavern in the Refugium. Above he sees the approaching Starvald Demelain. Kilava speaks in his mind, warning both him and Trake to stay away. Gruntle refuses. Kilava veers to her panther form  and they start to fight.

Mappo Runt reaches the Crystal City. Though now empty, he sees the memory of Badalle who speaks disconcertingly to him.

The newly-freed Otataral Dragon, Korabas, bursts from her cave and flies away; the ground she passes over dies forever. Kilmandaros reveals that otataral is not a thing but a title, a shortened form of Otas'taral, the Eye of Abnegation. By releasing her they have forced the other Eleint to attack her, else all sorcery will die; due to their sorcerous nature, so would the Eleint.

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