The Crippled God
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"He was a soldier"
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All the takers of my days
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To charge the spear
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The fists of the world
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A hand upon the fates
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To one in chains
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Down on the strand where the sea meets the land
Where fishermen kneel over wounds that won't heal
And the water weeps at the end of the day
    In the mirror you walk away

Among the red trees and the long dead leaves
The axeman wanders but cannot remember
And the earth runs like tears and will not stay
    In the mirror you walk away

In the silent season high on the hill's bastion
In the burning rain and the soul's dark stain
Where the children lie where they lay
    In the mirror you walk away

Along the furrows of his heels a long shadow steals
Down from the altar pulled all the destinies fulfilled
Tell the tale another god has had his day
    And in the mirror you walk away

When on the grey fields the troubles fall still
Another soldier's cause dies for what never was
Drifting past the dreams now gone astray
    In the mirror you walk away

Soiled the sacrament and broken the monument
Sullied the sculpture and soured the rapture
Beauty lives but brief its stay
    And in the mirror you walk away

Gods will give and then take away
If faith tastes of blood
drink deep when you pray
Beauty lives but brief its stay
And when it all goes away
And there's nothing left to save
In the mirror you walk away
In the mirror you walk away

Song of the Last Prayer
(in the age of adjudication)
Sevul of Kolanse

Kalam Mekhar has for a long time been lying, poisoned, in the Malaz City Deadhouse. Quick Ben and Kalam's ex-wife, Minala, rouse him. They depart by warren to Kolanse.

In North Citadel the recently-arrived Pure, Sister Belie, has arranged a parley with the leader of the besieged Malazans; she intends to order him to kill himself in front of the defenders. However that leader is Ganoes Paran, the Master of the Deck, and he deflects the command.

On Death's ship Hood and the undead Shurq Elalle discuss life and death, and how the old gods take but don't give. Hood explains how Shadowthrone and Cotillion conspired with other gods and Ascendants to remedy the situation.
They encounter a Forkrul Assail ship, captained by a Watered. Felash's handmaiden boards it to negotiate. Told that they will all be killed, she attacks and kills them all, including the Watered. Felash mentions that five of her sisters have similar handmaidens, and that they originally had insisted on wearing masks.

Draconus tells Ublala Pung that they must separate; Ublala should go north. He then veers and flies away.

In Kolanse City the Pures learn that the assault on North Citadel has failed, and why. A delegation of  Perish Grey Helms from the fleet arrive and, having duplicated the Shield Anvil's reasoning, wish to ally with the Assail. Instead they are enslaved and sent to attack North Citadel.

The Shi'Gal Assassin Gu'Rull discovers the unconscious Krughava and rescues her from the swarm of Shards that was about to eat her. When recovered she warns the Bonehunters that they can no longer rely on the Perish Grey Helms army to fight on their side.
That army has reached Kolanse. Setoc arrives, possessed by the Wolves of Winter to whom she is Destriant. The Wolves wish the Perish to fight on the side of the Bonehunters, to the chagrin of Shield Anvil Tanakalian.

Kilava and Gruntle are evenly matched, even without Trake's presence. Then Starvald Demelain opens and an Eleint dragon emerges. Gruntle, possessed now by Trake, attacks it successfully but Kilava takes the opportunity to kill Gruntle, to her regret. All the Eleint emerge into the world.

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