The Crippled God
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"He was a soldier"
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All the takers of my days
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Chapter 7
To charge the spear
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Chapter 10
The fists of the world
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Chapter 13
A hand upon the fates
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Chapter 16
To one in chains
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Your private shore
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Chapter 23 Chapter 24
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Not even the dead know the end to war.

Iskar Jarak

Fighting continues on the First Shore. In Kharkanas Withal dons some old armour that he found and sets off for the front, against Sandalath Drukorlat's wishes. His departure deepens her madness and she starts mistaking people for old friends and enemies.

The Tiste Andii from Black Coral have arrived at Kharkanas, some in dragon form led by Silanah. However Sandalath, in her madness, binds Silanah to burn the city.

The Tiste Liosan finally commit their elite troops to the battle, which allows the rest of the Soletaken to cross and then veer. Yedan Derryg kills the first, but dies in the process. The Tiste Andii arrive, some veered, and join the defence. However they are losing until Sandalath is persuaded to release Silanah; she is twice the size of the Liosan Soletaken and easily kills them. The remaining Liosan are slain.

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