The Crippled God
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"He was a soldier"
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All the takers of my days
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Chapter 7
To charge the spear
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Chapter 10
The fists of the world
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Chapter 13
A hand upon the fates
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Chapter 16
To one in chains
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Your private shore
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Awaiting Restitution

Epigraph on a gravestone, Lether

The leaders of the assembled armies finally meet. Adjunct Tavore unveils her strategy, which is met with universal consternation: she intends for the Bonehunters and remaining Khundryl only, to pass through the impassable Glass Desert to draw the Forkrul Assail armies out of position. Meanwhile her allies will skirt the desert to the south and head for Kolanse City. She reveals her goal: to attack the Spire and free the heart of the Crippled God before the Pures can drain its power.

Ruthan Gudd and Bottle survived the battle with the K'Chain Nah'ruk, and are catching up with the Bonehunter army. They are joined by Masan Gilani, who brings five T'lan Imass of The Unbound. The T'lan Imass address Ruthan as an Elder God, which he denies. They catch up with the Bonehunters. When the T'lan Imass meet Adjunct Tavore they announce that they bring her greetings from the Crippled God.

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