The Crippled God
Dramatis Personae Pagination
"He was a soldier"
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All the takers of my days
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To charge the spear
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Chapter 10
The fists of the world
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A hand upon the fates
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To one in chains
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Your private shore
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I am fallen prey
There was a time
When fangs sank deep
My body dragged
And flesh howled
Fear's face was cold
With instinct's need
There was a time
When strangers took me
And the unfamiliar
Whispered terror
And the shock of desires
We could not expect
Lit eyes so like our own
There was a time
When a friend twisted
Before my eyes
And all my solid faiths
Washed free underfoot
Unknowing the world
With new and cruel design
There was a time
When kin drew the knife
To sever sacred law
With red envy
And red malice
The horror visits
The heart of home
Do you see this journey?
What began in shadows
And dark distance
Has drawn ever closer
Now I am fallen prey
To the demon in my soul
And the face twisting
Is my own
Railing at failures
Of flesh and bone
The spirit withers
And I fall prey
We have listed
A world of enemies
And now we fall prey
We fall prey

Faces of Fear
Fisher kel Tath

Olar Ethil tries to contact Onos T'oolan telepathically to persuade him to join with her. He resists her attempts, and her subsequent mental attack is repelled by a line of undead Bridgeburners led by Whiskeyjack.

Sister Equity, a Forkrul Assail Pure , has detected Princess Felash's use of an Elder warren and goes to investigate. She hopes to find allies to use against Sister Reverence, her leader, who wants to destroy all of humanity. When she arrives she is attacked first by the sailors, who are quickly killed, and then by Felash and her handmaiden which results in stalemate. She asks about the Elder warren, disbelieving that it's Omtose Phellack. Felash invokes the warren; from it emerges Hood, who kills Equity.

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