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The Eel was a rumoured master-spy in Darujhistan.[1]

In Gardens of the Moon[]

Circle Breaker, an agent of the Eel, supplied the alchemist Baruk with information about councilman Turban Orr. It would have been easy for Baruk to determine the identity of the writer of these notes, if not that of the Eel, but something always held him back from doing so.[2]

Circle Breaker had been recruited by an agent of the Eel and the Eel's principal agent, possibly the same man, was his contact with the Eel.[3]

Turban Orr blamed spies for ruining his plans and was trying to flush the agents of the Eel out.[4][5]

Baruk received a message from the Eel to look to the streets for those he was looking for, i.e. Malazan invaders.[6]

Circle Breaker passed on a message from the Eel to Rallick Nom, thanking him for his unwitting help in impeding Orr's proclamation and warning him that Orr, on behalf of Lady Simtal, had taken out a contract with the assassin's guild targeting Rallick's friend Coll.[7]

Circle Breaker delivered a message from the Eel concerning Turban Orr to Murillio.[8]

The Eel sent his agents Irilta and Meese to keep Crokus Younghand safe.[9]

Known Agents[]

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