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Empire of Lether

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Map of Edur Lands and the North Lether frontier

The Reach was the name of a long, narrow peninsula in northwestern Lether, just south of the Calash Sea. The Letherii First Maiden Fort was located near its southwestern tip. Saltsong's Reach was off its southwestern coast. Reach Inlet extended into Lether's interior at the Reach's eastern end.

The eastern end of the peninsula near Trate was called Trate Reach by the Letherii.[1]


At the time of the Tiste Andii and Tiste Edur invasion, the area of the Calash Sea to the north and east had been a vast plain stretching out to the Hasana Inlet, which had then been only a lake. This plain was where the Edur slaughtered their onetime Andii allies.[2]

More recently, the Reach had been the territory of the Tiste Edur tribes, who maintained seasonal fishing camps there. But during the twelve year period of the Edur War of Unification, the Reach was temporarily abandoned by the Edur tribes and occupied by the Kingdom of Lether. In communications afterwards, the Letherii informed the Edur that Letherii ownership of the Reach was inevitable as the Kingdom of Lether was expanding.[3][1]

Storms occasionally washed up unholy wrecks containing the skeletal remains of imps with human-like faces, tails, and hawk talons.[4]

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One of the goals of the Letherii in the Great Meeting with the Warlock King Hannan Mosag was gaining ownership of Trate Reach. Prince Quillas Diskanar promised to release the Edur of some of their debt in exchange for the land. The Edur could continue to fish there in return for a modest percentage of their catch.[1]

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