The wagon was a feature of the Warren within Dragnipur which hid at its center the gate to Kurald Galain.[1]

The wagon was described as huge, hulking, and pitching. Its wooden wheels were taller than a man, a span in width, nicked and gouged but otherwise featureless.[1] The walls of the wagon bed were more then twenty feet high. The slatted sideboards were of withered and bone-grey wood with finger's width cracks between them from which skeletal fingers were wiggling.[1]

The wood of the wagon's frame beneath the sideboards was glistening black with pitch and its beam was a dozen spans thick. Underneath the wagon, condensation was dripping down in endless rain. Going inwards to the center, the rain turned into ice. At the very center, a pool of absolute darkness hid the gate to the Warren of Darkness. From that Darkness, countless chains emerged, running to the inside edge of the wagon's frame where they passed through the wood seamlessly to the other side.[1]

These chains were pulled by figures shackled to them, many not humans, who were straining under the weight of endlessly pulling the wagon.[1]

Anyone falling by the wayside was stacked on top of the wagon thus increasing the load.

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

Paran touched the blood of one of the Hounds of Shadow slain with Dragnipur by Anomander Rake and was displaced into its warren. There he was confronted by the Hounds who had joined those pulling the wagon. Confused by the scent of Hound blood, Doan let him be and in return he tried to undo their collars but found them and the chains to be solid. He followed the chain seventy armspans back to the wagon. With the involuntary help of Oponn, Paran tricked the Hounds into entering the Realm of Darkness where he hoped they would find a better fate than having to eternally pull the wagon.[1]

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