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The Thrall was an old Daru fort in the city of Capustan keep which was home to the Mask Council.

Council HallEdit

The Masked Council met within a massive chamber topped by a dome whose interior had once been decorated by bas-reliefs leafed in gold. The floor was covered in geometric tiles with a worn granite disc at its centre. A semicircle of wooden tiers where the Council sat occupied the wall opposite the grand entrance. Behind the Council were fourteen doors, one for each Councilor and each guarded by a member of the Gidrath. Petitioners to the Council stood upon the granite disc while speaking.[1]

In Memories of IceEdit

Just as the Siege of Capustan was starting, the Barghast, Hetan and Cafal, petitioned for an audience before the Mask Council. After much acrimonious debate, Rath'Queen of Dreams, Rath'Burn, and Rath'Hood revealed that the holy remains of the Barghast ancestors had been gathered and stored under the floor of the Council Hall.[1]

Members of the Gidrath were ordered to pull up the floor's tiles revealing a tomb containing nine ancient outrigger canoes bearing more than sixty bodies wrapped in sail cloth.[1]

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